Our very own Mary Ellen at Key Hyundai of Milford shared her memory of her Old Car Nightmare!

You can upload your Used Car/Old Car Nightmare Video to Key Hyundai’s Facebook page and get a FREE DVD of Stephen King car classic — Christine! Everyone who posts a video gets the DVD, and one lucky nightmare will win the $1000 October Prize package:

  • DVD Horror Movie Collection
  • $200 gift certificate to trick out your house
  • FREE Key Hyundai detailing for all the cars in your driveway
  • Witches cauldron of candy
  • Gi-norous state-of-the-art LCD HDTV!

Post a video to win! Or just stop by Key Hyundai of Manchester or Key Hyundai of Milford and we’ll shoot and post the video for you! Winner chosen OCTOBER 27th at midnight and posted on Facebook!


Platt Tech, Foran & Law High School students can earn big bucks from Key Hyundai of Milford!

Didja hear? Key Hyundai is getting quite popular in high school!

Key Hyundai is launching Pays for A’s, rewarding Milford high school students from Platt, Foran and Law with cold, hard, gift cards for each academic A received on their report card.

That’s right. $$ for good grades for Key Hyundai of Milford.

We’re just another automotive sponsor supporting our local schools; but this time we’re putting our money where the hard work is: in the students’ grades.

There’s much controversy over paying for grades, but this is strictly a business decision, the brainstorm of my fabulouso General Sales Manager Sal Sinardi. When asked to purchase an advertisement in Milford’s Foran High School’s athletic program, he didn’t opt for the same ol’, same ol’.

Sal wanted something different. Something to excite the kids, get the parents into the dealership, and create a little fanfare. And Key Hyundai Pays for A’s was born.

Foran, Law and Platt Tech students get MORE for good grades from Key Hyundai of Milford

We’re forking over a $10 Westfield CT Post Mall gift cards for each A. But there’s a glitch: the gift cards only come in $20 denominations.

Key Hyundai Rounds UP to bring Milford High School students MORE for their hard work!

So one A will net a student a $20 gift card. Two A’s: same. Three A’s = $40 in gift cards. Fuzzy math, but the kids end up winning!

Platt Tech, Joseph A. Foran High, and Jonathan Law High School students are all eligible to participate. They need only earn the A’s, then bring in their report card, student ID, and a parent to receive payment.

What’s in it for us?

It’s simple really. We get high achieving students with their parents walking through our showroom. Hopefully eyeballing some cars, perhaps taking a test drive. Perhaps not – but now Key Hyundai is on their radar, and will see with their own eyes what we have to offer.

It’s a pilot program. We’re learning as we go too. If all goes well, we’ll roll out to Manchester/Vernon as well. But for now, Milford students are the guinea pigs. Get to work kids, study hard, and come on in to collect!

H'Art of Art & Connecticut Children's Medical Center & Key Hyundai

H'Art of Art Saturday, October 15

This Saturday, October 15, is really one of my all time favorite events – EV-AH! Key Hyundai jumped at the chance to support this phenomenal cause: supporting a grassroots effort, a world-class children’s hospital, and a hometown event.

The talented Olivia Hanzel, owner and artist extraordinaire at Bumblebug Art is sponsoring H’Art of Art, a day of fun, art, and compassion right in West Hartford.

H’art of Art is Saturday, October 15, rain or shine, and everyone at Key Hyundai has fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!

It’s a day of creativity for you and your kids; where you can have a fabulous day right in downtown West Hartford, and support a great cause: Connecticut Children’s Foundation, dedicated to improving the health of children through family-centered care, research, education and advocacy.

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is filled with amazing physicians, nurses, and health care providers and support that selflessly give to CT children, their families, and caregivers.

And H’Art of Art is a way to celebrate the creativity alive in all children.

Much thanks to my hometown of West Hartford, and my good friend Olivia, for supporting this all-time favorite hospital of mine.

Come on down to Bumblebug Art, 970 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford Center, rain or shine this Saturday. Together, we can make a little art, raise awareness, create masterpieces, and make a little magic.

Key Hyundai Used Car Nightmare video contest!

Our October radio campaign is in full swing putting everybody in the Halloween spirit, so we’re making it a party at Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester too!

Upload your used car horror video onto Facebook, and you could win the Key Hyundai October Prize Package! A $1000 value!

A $1000 worth of goodies including candy, horror flicks from Stephen King’s demented mind, a flat screen HDTV to watch them on, cauldrons of candy for munchies, and Key Hyundai detailing to keep the cars in your driveway from becoming a horror show themselves!

It’s a fact: upload your Used Car Horror Story Video onto Key Hyundai’s Facebook page and one freaky, fun-tastic video will be chosen by me, the not-so-scary Dealer For The People on October 27th, at when else? Midnight! Winner will be posted on Facebook!

No camera? No problem!

Stop by Key Hyundai of Manchester (where yes, we are open for business!) or Key Hyundai of Milford and we’ll shoot your story and upload it for you! No problemo!

Everyone who uploads a video gets a FREE DVD of the classic car horror flick, CHRISTINE... just for posting your video on our Key Hyundai FB page!

Yours FREE for uploading your video to Key Hyundai Facebook!

Happy Halloween and get crackin’!

Upload your Used Car Horror Video by October 26 for a chance to win!

Key Hyundai Manchester hires new General Sales Manager

Happy to have Georgina Jones at Key Hyundai of Manchester

Listen Up Connecticut!!! Good news from Key Hyundai:

Georgina Jones is on board as the new General Sales Manager at Key Hyundai of Manchester!

Georgina Jones is up and running as the new General Sales Manager for Key Hyundai of Manchester.

Yes, the brave woman agreed to come on right in the middle of our massive $2.5 million construction project. Because, as you heard, we’re selling cars like candy bars out of trailers (rather nice ones, I must admit!) The trailers are only short term because…we’re on schedule!


In fact, we’re under budget and a teeny-tiny bit ahead of schedule (KNOCK ON WOOD!) and ready for the grand RE-opening of Key Hyundai of Manchester January 2012. With Georgina on board and at the helm to direct the growth, sales, and operations of Key Hyundai in Manchester, we are in tip-top shape!

For those of you not in the Hartford east of the river area, Key Hyundai of Manchester is in the midst of a $2.5 million renovation, doubling the Hartford area car dealer to provide more, more, MORE to the customer. And despite the construction, we’re selling tons of cars: brand, spanking new 2011 40 MPG Hyundais, and more Key-Certified Pre-Owned trade-ins than I ever dreamed possible. It’s a lot, but Georgina is ready for a lot! Already her impact is making a vast difference with the customers and staff.

Why I love Georgina Jones; And why you’re gonna love her too!

“I started in the car industry right on the lot, back when very few women were in the business,” said Georgina Jones, new General Sales Manager of Key Hyundai of Manchester. “I moved to finance and insurance, then became F&I Director and Manager. I’ve worked at small family owned dealerships and huge conglomerates. Bigger is not always better!”

“I know this business inside and out,” said Jones, ”and know nothing is more important than the experience each and every customer has every time they walk through our doors. I’m here to make sure that experience is extraordinary, whether it’s sales or service or just plain ol’ window-shopping. Soup to nuts, customers is our #1 priority, day in and day out.”

See what I mean? She’s terrific! CT car customers, staff, community: she’s the whole package!

Georgina says it all comes down to the customer experience. She wants to make car buying, car servicing, car financing smooth, comfortable, friendly and fun. She wants to know your name; she wants to remember your name. I love this woman!

Not to worry, the Key Hyundai staff you know and love (yes, I’m talking about the brilliant Tom!) is still here ready to help. He’s taking over Key Hyundai Manchester financing and insurance, a department near and dear to his heart, and one he is magnificent at.

Come on by and say hello! And check out the new building because we’re growing fast and furious at Key Hyundai!

Key Hyundai Vernon Open for Business

That's a whole lotta Jill for the People!

The new building is going up right before our eyes, and all I can say is WOW.

We recently put up additional banners announcing how the new Key Hyundai of Manchester will bring MORE to the community: MORE Value,  MORE Service, MORE Solutions, MORE financing – MORE of what you need when looking to buy a nicer, newer car.

Selling Cars Out of Trailers at Key Hyundai of Manchester

It’s true, and despite a bit of ribbing from competitors, we are selling cars out of trailers. LOTS OF THEM.

We’re open for business, and if you stop in today, you’ll see the trailers are not only getting the job done, but getting it done in comfort. Here’s a peek inside: but you must check it out for yourself.

Key Hyundai Construction Coupons Hit the Mailbox and In Box!

If you are already a Manchester Key Hyundai customer, watch your mail: there’s MORE where that came from! MORE postcards containing valuable coupons are hitting the mail with discounts off your bestest deal and great savings on service as well. Watch that mailbox, and watch your inbox as well; Key Hyundai emails contain the same deals!

Key Hyundai reaching new heights on Rte 83 in Vernon, CT!

Stop by Route 83 on the Vernon / Manchester line and watch us grow. We’re proud to be growing in Manchester, and are doing so to bring the CT car buying public more value, more choice, more options!

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Finding the perfect car for you at Key Hyundai

We’ve been selling cars like candy bars from our hustle & bustle Key Hyundai of Milford, and yes, it’s business full-steam ahead at we’re-open-for-business while under construction Key Hyundai of Manchester.

The Elantras and Sonatas are hot-hot-hot, and Accents are crazy popular as well. Can’t beat the 40 MPG, everybody loves the safety rating – everybody, that is, except Toyota and Honda (and Subaru and Chevy and Ford….), so doesn’t take much selling to sell those babies!

But here’s what you may not know: every used – I mean previously owned Key Certified vehicle on our lot is a nicer newer car to somebody, somewhere.

The skinny on buying a new, or gently used, or really, really used car:

While many, many Key Hyundai customers are looking for that award-winning Hyundai, many, many, many more are looking for a reliable, safe vehicle that gets them where they need to be at a cost that fits their wallet.

And those cars come in many shapes and sizes, and price tags and mileage. And so do customer wallets.

A nicer, newer car to somebody. Maybe. Or maybe not!

So a 100k odometer “winter-beater” that some may scoff their shoes at, is a nicer newer car to a customer that desperately needs to get to a job, school, or family member. Key Certified previously owned vehicles are the answer to so many, many customer dilemmas. We have the car to meet their need. And you can drive them confidently where you need to go.

A nicer newer car is in the eye of the beholder.

And while they look like different cars to different people, Key Hyundai certainly has the car to fit your needs; solve your automotive problem, and get you on your way. (and it won’t be in a Gremlin like this one…altho it is a nicer newer car to somebody!!)